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This does sometimes crash crashes on me, and I cant can't replicate it. If you wanna fix it go ahead. Source is up, but embarrassingly bad.
Enables pseudo categories in HBC.
== Some very good apps (Not made by me)==
These are apps I find very useful or games I particularly enjoyed playing.<br />
[[ftpii]]<br />
[[Homebrew_BrowserHomebrew Browser]]<br />
[[WiiXplorer]]<br />
[[Aspirin]] Broken due to libfat mess.<br />
[[Mad Bomber]]<br />
[[Wiiship]]<br />
[[PsyKoTrope]]<br />
[[Scogger]]<br />
[[SYASokoban_WiiSYASokoban Wii]]<br />
[[CosmoRaketti]]<br />
[[PlasmaRaketti]]<br />

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