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== Download ==
[ Bannerbomb v1], for System Menu 4.1 and below].<br />[ Updated Bannerbomb v2 ] for System Menu 4.2] . '''NOTE! For this version you ''MUST'' use the ''SD Card menu'' and NOT the standard Data Management menu!'''
NOTE: BannerBomb v2 is reported that it works on 4.0 and 4.1. * For the first time, try "aad1f_v108the given version that BannerBomb's website gives" * If that doesn't work, continue try a different version. (IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is a bug on BannerBomb's website, if you click on to "aad20_v108'.zip"..others?', etcit'll give you all of the v1 bannerbombs on the v2 page. Try [ this] for v2 versions.)
== Usage ==


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