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==Talk== Uhhh.... ==Random==<!--{{tmbox| type = notice| text = '''WiiMoveIt has been moved... What happened? [[User:TPAINROXX|<font face="VINETA BT"><font color="black">-TPAINROXX</font>/<font color="green">BKW</font></font>]] 2101:0625, 7 July 9 October 2009 (UTC)'''}}{{Wii}} '''[[User:TPAINROXX/WiiMoveIt|WiiMoveIt]]'''-->Devkit Pro with an attitude.<!--> "make" main.cppc:/DevkitPro/examples/wii/grrlib/examples/EmuLoadMii/source/main.cpp: In function 'UNT exit_menu()':--><source lang = cpp>c:/DevkitPro/examples/wii/grrlib/examples/EmuLoadMii/source/main.cpp:163: error: void value not ignored as it ought to be</source><!--c:/DevkitPro/examples/wii/grrlib/examples/EmuLoadMii/source/GRRLIB/GRRLIB/GRRLIB.h: At global scope:c:/DevkitPro/examples/wii/grrlib/examples/EmuLoadMii/source/GRRLIB/GRRLIB/GRRLIB.h:67: warning: inline function 'void GRRLIB_FillScreen(u32)' used but never definedmake[1]: *** [main.o] Error 1"make": *** [build] Error 2 > Process Exit Code: 2> Time Taken: 00:02-->----'''Learning is fun... For example: What's the difference between the two following code samples?:''' <source lang=cpp>GRRLIB_Printf(100, 100, tex_font, BLACK, 2, "SCORE: %d" game_score );</source> <source lang=cpp>GRRLIB_Printf(100, 100, tex_font, BLACK, 2, "SCORE: %d", game_score );</source> '''Well the answer is a code dump and a comma.'''----

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