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I don't really have anything to say much about me.
I write a blog. Yeah. I might put a link here. Maybe later. Unless you already know. Maybe not.
No, I'm not going to put where I live.
I could link you to my Google profile, but I won't do that either.
Yeah, I'm not giving you a lot of information.
== About Coding ==
Yeah, I can code in GlovePIE, which is very simple. Like, super simple compared to C++.
I'm trying to learn C++ (and then I can code apps) but time constraints (and for some reason, my brain just won't learn) are letting me NOT learn C++. It would be very nice if I could learn C++. Maybe over the summer. Next summer, of course.
KOAlAs is just a thing that me and my friends made up. It's a language, but not a programming language. But the proper term is "coding" in that language. (Example: Try to decode that. (Here's a hint: KOAlAs is


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