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Added information on Priiloader and fixed the HackMii links.
| author = [[User:Comex|Comex]]
| version = Alpha v200
| download =
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| peripherals = {{FrontSD}} {{FrontSDHC}}
'''Bannerbomb''' is an exploit capable of launching [[homebrew]] from any version of the [[System Menu]]versions 4.0-4.2. It was created by Comex on April 5th, 2009, to replace the [[Twilight Hack]], which does not work on since [[System Menu 4.0]].
<b style="color:red;">NOTE: The [ original ] Bannerbomb exploit does not work with [[System Menu 4.2]], it only works with [[System Menu 4.1]] or older. However [ Bannerbomb v2] has been released by Comex, and works on 4.2. No version of Bannerbomb works on [[System Menu 4.3]] without previous mods; use [[LetterBomb]], [[Smash Stack]], [[Indiana Pwns]], [[Bathaxx]], [[Yu-Gi-Vah]] (NTSC-U/J only), [[Yu-Gi-OWNED!]] (PAL version of Yu-Gi-Vah), [[Eri HaKawai]], [[FlashHax]], [[Bluebomb]], [[Return of the Jodi]] and [[Str2hax]] instead. </b>
The exploit works by using a malformed banner to crash the Wii and run code to load the boot.dol placed in the root of the SD card. It can be used to install the [[Homebrew Channel]], DVDx and the BootMii public beta via the [ [HackMii Installer]].
== Download ==
[ Bannerbomb v1], for System Menu 4.1 and below].<br />[ Updated Bannerbomb v2 ] for System Menu 4.2] . '''NOTE! For this version you ''MUST'' use the ''SD Card menu'' and NOT the standard Data Management menu!'''
NOTE: Bannerbomb v2 is reported that it works on 4.0 and 4.1. * For the first time, try "aad1f_v108the given version that Bannerbomb's website gives" * If that doesn't work, continue try a different version. (IMPORTANT NOTICE: There is a bug on Bannerbomb's website, if you click on to "aad20_v108'.zip"..others?', etcit'll give you all of the v1 Bannerbombs on the v2 page. Try [ this] for v2 versions.)
== Usage ==
* SD (or SDHC, only on System Menu 4.0 or higher) card formatted as FAT16 or FAT32.
* SD card reader for PC or a PC with one built-in
* Bannerbomb channel dataon your SD Card* Some homebrew to load(Recommended, the [[HackMii Installer]])* A system menu between 4.0 and 4.2. (System Menu 4.3 prevents Bannerbomb from executing. This can be bypassed with [[Priiloader]], but another exploit is needed to do that in the first place.)
=== Guide ===
==== For Bannerbomb v2 (System Menu 4.2) ====<gallery widths="160px" heights="90px">File:missing file.png|Open the SD card menuFile:missing file.png|Insert the SD cardFile:missing file.png|A pop-up box will appear. Click yes.</gallery>
== Troubleshooting ==
If your Wii freezes while trying to use Bannerbomb, follow these diagnostics:
* Repeat the procedure with the same version once or twice. It can be fickle.
* Make sure you're not trying to use the SD Menu on System Menu 4.0 (the little blue SD card button in the lower left).
* Check that you pressed the Channels button in Data Management.
* Make sure that Bannerbomb is the only channel on the SD card.
* Try a different version of Bannerbomb. Most people should be able to use aad1fthe recommended version of BannerBomb given, but some might need another version.
* Eject the SD card, go into the channels menu, then on SD where it says no SD card is inserted, then insert the card (works for Toshiba 256MB cards and Menu 4.0E at least)
== Bugs ==
*If it gives you the dialog but freezes instead of loading the elf/dol, email Comex ( comexk @ gmail dot com ). Tell him where it froze and whether or not the slot light is on. You might also try removing the disc.*If you press "no" when it asks you whether you want to load a elf/dol then it might freeze.*It is possible to press the back button "under" the dialog. Make sure you don't do that.
== Changelog ==
* Works Fixed compatibility with [[System Menu 4.2]].* Fixed compatibility with System Menu 4.2.
'''v104 - v108'''

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