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'''Bootmii Booter''' is (just another) small (almost useless) program meant to be chosen as installed file in preloader. It boots the Bootmii IOS using a IOS_Reload. Using this as installed application makes it so you don't have to start the [[Homebrew Channel]] and then load bootmii.
Although this application won't hurt your wii in any way it still is buggy and might crash your wii (unknown if its a bug in preloader or in my application.I think its preloader but we ( me and crediar )aren't positive yet. == How To Use == Just place the dol in the root of your SD. then start preloader and install the dol (load/install file). once that is done you can boot this app by just choosing "installed file" . not that you must have your SD inserted even if you installed this app in preloader


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