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| title = BootMii Booter
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| type = system tool
| author = [[User:DacoTaco|DacoTaco]]
| version = 0.1(final)
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| peripherals = {{FrontSD}}
'''Bootmii Booter''' is (just another) small (almost useless) program meant to be chosen as installed file in [[preloader]]. It boots the Bootmii IOS using a IOS_LaunchNewIOS. Using this as installed application makes it so you don't have to start the [[Homebrew Channel]] and then load [[Bootmii]].
Bootmii Booter is a small == How To Use == Place the dol in the root of your SD Start preloader Install the dol (almost uselessload/install file) program meant to be chosen as  Boot the app by choosing "installed file " (note that you must have your SD inserted even if you installed this app in preloader. ) == Known Issues ==altho this program is very simple in core it can crash deu to the loader(as preloader) or the name saysprogram it self handling something wrong.<br>so here is a list of known issues *crash when preloader '''0.29'''(or lower?) boots starts the Bootmii IOS using app and a IOS_Reloadwiimote is synced. using this as installed application makes ( once seen it so you dont have to start still booted bootmii anyway ) == Alternatives == *'''[[BootIOS]]''' by [[User:Vithon|Vithon]] does the homebrew channel and then load exact same thing as bootmii_booter *'''[[Preloader/Priiloader|Priiloader]]''' by [[User:DacoTaco|DacoTaco]] has an option of (auto)booting bootmii


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