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== Thanks ==
This is really a nice game. Thanks for this good contribution. Would be really great if the extra lasers you collected during the game well stay active in the next level! [[User:wplaat|wplaat]] <span style="font-size: smaller;" class="autosigned">—Preceding undated comment added 12:58, 5 September 2009 (UTC).</span><!--Template:Undated-->
== Great Stuff! ==
I was just thinking the other day how I'd love to have a Wii port of an old Mac+ games called Continuum. I estimate it took me a extra 2 weeks to publish my thesis because of that game. Anyhow PlasmaRaketti is basically a jazzed up version of this game, though Continuum was a lot harder. It was a lot less forgiving about being shot or hitting the walls.
I just found this web site with resources about this game - including source code:
[[User:Vladhed|Vladhed]] 15:24, 1 October 2009 (UTC)


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