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OK. well, I think this needs to be in an different section than my other one i made. well, here there are:
1) when there is a KI3 file and it is in a fast pace, then it will just freeze the Wii (shows the black screen with info). One example can be [ The Ketchup song ] that has very fast pacing words.
2) when using the Kii files (IRC files), if the line goes by too quickly, it will make the line go a line down from where it is suppose to be. this causes many problems whatsoever as if it continues on, it will cause to the line to go too down and it will not be readable.
3) if your done hearing a song and you just move around a lot, it will freeze up the program and it will just stay in that screen until you turn off the Wii by holding the Power button in the Wii.


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