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 '''wiifuse_server''' is a wii Wii application that responds to [[wiifuse]] requests coming over a usbgecko adapter from a remote host. this This allows you to mount the wii Wii internal nand NAND filesystem with full read/write access remotely on your computer.
'''<font color="#FF0000">WARNING</font>: watch exactly what you are doing, you can <font color="#FF0000">BRICK</font> your wii with this tool. use at your own risk.'''
== requirements Prerequisites ==*an operating system An OS capable of running [[wiifuse]]*the [[wiifuse]] package (v0.2.0 or higher), the server described here is part of it*a usbgecko USBgecko adapter*a brain and a good understanding Comprehension of the wii Wii internals
== build Build =='''hint''': a A precompiled binary is included.
to To compile the included code, you will need :* [[ devkitPPC ]] and [[libogc] ]** r14 or higher
the The server code resides in "./server", just run . Run <code>make</code> there.
== howto How-To ==you You will need an identity to authenticate against the wiiWii's ES subsystem. an An identity describes the access rights you have on the nand NAND filesystem. it It consists of 3 files::*[[certificate chain]]:*tmd[[TMD]]:*ticket[[Ticket]]
these These 3 files are, for example, e.g. part of a wii Wii image. you You can use wiifuse and the included shell script to copy these from a data partition to the needed location:
~/devel/wiifuse/ '''./wiifuse ~/zelda-tp.iso ~/fuse'''
~/devel/wiifuse/ '''fusermount -u ~/fuse'''
to To mount the nand NAND filesystem with the zelda access rights on pc PC side:
~/devel/wiifuse/ '''make -C server upload'''
*it depends on the identity which paths/files you can access and which not
== thanks Credits ==*all All the reversers out there. this tool just demonstrates a few new functions of [[libogc]]*the The usual suspects, without you this wouldn't be possible
== wiifuse+net ==
* This modified version of wiifuse uses the network instead of usb gecko:


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