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i know the feeling :(
No more dead links, no more extracting files, no more finding out that the homebrew
application doesn't include an icon.png and meta.xml in the zip file.!
'''Have a useful application that isn't in HBB? '''[[Talk:Homebrew Browser#Wanted Apps|Request it be added]].
* Brand new GUI (thanks DayDreamOz)
* Ability to scroll through applications without waiting to download images (images loading or being downloaded will show as "Image not found")
* Images download in the background* Much more information on applications which includes a longer description, author, version, size, date, SDHC support and controllers supported* Shows the total amount of downloads for each application* Ability to rate applications and shows an average rating* Ability to queue applications for download in a download queue and download all at once* Ability to sort applications by date, rating and download count* Added background music (off by default, change loop.mod with your own music if you like)* Uses threads* Ability to move the cursor once downloading or extracting* Ability to cancel extracting process* Ability to work offline (by pressing the 1 Button when HBB is initialising the network)* Ability to hide installed applications from the lists* Checks for SD card to make sure there is enough free space before downloading each application* Settings now include show SD card space, check free space, hide installed applications, retreive my rating, background music, rumble, update icon and offline mode* Added lots of help screens* Added widescreen support (thanks Cashman)* Checks that server connected to is really* Added check to make sure the SD card isn't locked* Downloads all image files before loading HBB v0.3 the first time to make things faster '''6 April 2009 (v0.2.5d)'''* Uses domain to connect instead of an IP address '''17 March 2009 (v0.2.5c)'''* Fixed issue with utilities section that was causing it to be empty* Fixed zip progress issue '''24 January 2009 (v0.2.5b)'''* Keep retrying networking initialisation* Now shows the progress when extracting the zip files (thanks Tantric)* Detects the ftpii directory when using a password like ftpii_mypass* Keep meta.xml name when updating if it has been edited* Added more error checking when updating HBB, if updating fails it reverts back to the previous version* Media category becoming unavailable should now be fixed* Fixed controller screen to display accurate Dpad information '''19 December 2008 (v0.2.5a)'''* Fixed XML issue which caused a code dump* Added update text so it now tells you what's new before you update '''13 December 2008 (v0.2.5)'''* Changed blue tick to yellow tick so it can be seen easier* Made help and controls window larger* Free space is now shown at the bottom right of screen* Added menu when pressing home, can go into settings, reboot the wii or return to loader. Hold the home button to return to loader at any time.* Added settings which allow you to change when the image files are downloaded; either at startup or on-demand. Can enable or disable the free space text.* Added update all applications feature. You access this when clicking on the SD card icon. Once you are shown your applications, the SD card icon changes to an update icon which you can click. '''9 November 2008 (v0.2.4)'''* Able to view currently installed* Fixed bug in downloading and removing applications which affected uno and may have affected other applications* Retries increased to 10 times with a longer pause in-between* Able to reboot the Wii by holding B and pressing Home* Detects if you have a .elf version of any application and lets you update that application* Now uses zip files which means download sizes are reduced (thanks Tantric)* Added SDHC support* Detects if HBB icon or meta file exist, if they don’t then it downloads them '''26 October 2008 (v0.2.3b)'''* Using dol instead of elf to work with HBC beta 9 '''30 September 2008 (v0.2.3a)'''* Wlan adapter should now work with the HBB* Applications should now be detected properly* When applications are downloaded/deleted from the popular category they will now appear correctly in other categories and vice versa '''29 September 2008 (v0.2.3)'''* Rebuilt with latest libfat CVS to fix delete corruption bug (thanks joedj)* Added Popular category* Updated HBB about information '''6 September 2008 (v0.2.2)'''* Now downloads images in real time, no more having to wait for HBB to load* Fixed IR cursor, no more IR cursor correction is required (thanks Wil)* Deleting applications now deletes all files from the directories created (emulator roms/saves directories aren't deleted)* Dpad left and right now controls the categories* Updated HBB about image to include information about wii message notifications for HBB '''3 August 2008 (v0.2.1b)'''* Added the ability to cancel downloads at any time by pressing B* Added a slight rumble when moving over any button* Moved help and controls icon to left of banner '''27 July 2008 (v0.2.1a)'''* Fixed the issue when downloading most of the temporary images for the first time it caused HBB to exit* Added text to describe what each icon does when you move the cursor over it '''26 July 2008 (v0.2.1)'''* Cursor now rotates and disappears when IR is not pointed to the IR sensor (thanks ebool)* Added about and controls icon* Added functionality to remove old files that some applications don't use when you update* Added statistics gathering which will be displayed on a webpage* Changed IP address from to '''13 July 2008 (v0.2.0b)'''* Increased buffer size so applications that require a lot of files will work* Added HTTP no-cache so users behind a proxy will always retrieve the latest version of the apps list '''10 July 2008 (v0.2.0a)'''* Small bugfix, downloading Raytracer, Wiiwhiteboard, etc should now work '''9 July 2008 (v0.2.0)'''* Supports applications which load files from the SD card* Added categorisation of homebrew applications* Ability to install HBB via wiiload* Updated tick icons* Updated "Download" image to change to "Update" if you already have the application installed* New icon displays even if you have an older version of the application* Fixed issue when downloading 4 applications HBB would exit* Does not download the icon.png file if you already have that application installed '''4 July 2008 (v0.1.2)'''* Added checks to make sure the server response is valid* Uses new graphics made by LowLines* New mouse pointer* "New" icon appears depending on the time* Uses GRRLIB 3.0.1a* (A few hours later) Fixed images getting corrupted when loaded previous and next 6 images a few times and now downloads the icon.png and meta.xml files for the HBB if you update '''30 June 2008 (v0.1.1)'''* Fixed issue with requesting files from server (thanks joedj)* Enabled auto updating (press B when asked if you don't want to update)* New logo and HBC icon (thanks LowLines) '''29 June 2008 (v0.1)'''* Initial Release == To do ==* Don't use a black screen when loading* <s>Find calm background music</s>* <s>Print text on images at run time, instead of having images with text</s>* Allow users to change the default icon* <s>Prompt user if they want to keep their existing icon for a homebrew application they are updating (done in settings)</s>* <s>Replace the little about box with an about window, so things like ratings, download statistics, a longer description and maybe a screenshot can be shown</s>* <s>Use 7z files instead of downloading each individual file</s>* <s>Have an update all button to update all applications</s>* <s>Increase font size</s>* <s>Use threading to download files so that you can do other things whilst downloading</s>* <s>Add controller images to each application</s> == Credits ==* DayDreamOz for the new v0.3 HBB design* [[User:LowLines|LowLines]] for the Homebrew Browser v0.2.x graphics including logo, HBC icon and all other graphics* joedj for network code in [[FTPii|ftpii]]* Tantric - Used unzip library* NoNameNo and RedShade for [[GRRLIB]]* Thanks to all the Wii homebrew developers and icon artists* Thanks to all the people who tested the HBB revisions* Thanks to Team Twiizers, #wiidev & #wiihelp Loop.mod found on [ ModArchive]. Homebrew Browser was written in C using [[devkitPPC]] r16 and libogc (SVN 20090608), libfat and [[GRRLIB]] (with Freetype support). == NetSend Example + HTTP Download Example == * [[Media:Sample|Netsend Example Source]]* [[Media:http download|HTTP Download Example]] == A message from Low Lines ==While designing graphics for teknecal's Homebrew Browser, I have been using a Flash-Based Demo to simulate it (makes it easier to design) and work on possible future features that may be added when teknecal feels ready. Discussion about this can be found [ here].I am open to ideas and suggestions, and this also provides everyone with a usable demonstration of the Browser. [[Category:Homebrew using GRRLib]][[Category:Featured homebrew]]down


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