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I built a zip of a tree menu structure to line up with the HBB and used the icons from User:Elisherer (Thanks & thumbs up!). Apps -> Demos/Emulators/Games/Media/Utilities/Installers. In each, the first App is the HBB but with the ICON for the folder so you know where you are and the second is the Back link. Just drab your apps into the appropriate folders and away you go! Note: You can even use the HBB to update each folder, but only download from the same category as the folder you chose ;-) --[[User:Sorky|Sorky]] 12:14, 12 September 2009 (UTC)
> > [[]]  PS: If anyone has a problem with the files being re-distributed, please feel free to remove the link (just don't ban me for trying to be helpful :-$


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