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'''Description:'''<br>Action packed bat and ball excitement! Feel the action with the rumble feature!<br/>UPDATE: Now supports up to 2 players! '''== Coming Next Version==*Chaos mode == Feature Requests ==*A bar for each player that when filled, makes it possible to create an extra ball until the bar depletes. The extra ball would bounce off the player's side whether or not his controller is there.*Random power ups ==Bugs==*Please report bugs here == Controls =={| class="wikitable" style="text-align:left;"|-! {{WiimoteHorizontal}} !! Action|-| [[File:Wii_Remote_D-Pad_Down_Up.svg|30px|Wiimote D-Pad Down/Up]] || Move the paddle|-| {{Wiimote2Button}} || Press when it''<br>s asked|-Multi-player| {{WiimoteHomeButton}} || Exit game|} == Similar games ==*[[PONG]] is a simple PONG game for Wii.*In [[Pong2]], the paddle can be moved horizontally and vertically.*In [[Komopong wii]] you can rotate the paddle by turning the Wiimote, to change the angle of rebound the ball.<br>*[[Ascii-Requests are welcomePong]] is a Pong game for the Wii just using console mode and no graphics[[Category:Homebrew using GRRLib]]


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