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→‎News: Flash Lite 3.1 only supports Flash 8.
== News ==
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* '''1 September 09''': Nintendo has released a new version of the [[Internet Channel]]. The new version offers support for Flash 9 8 and is free. Users who have previously paid will be offered a free NES Virtual Console title after October.
* '''21 August 09''': [[Wii Linux]] now with Wi-Fi support. The guys over at [ GC-Linux] released a new preview version of their [[mini]]-Kernel with Wi-Fi support.
* '''17 August 09''': The fine folks at [ HackMii] have released [ the HackMii Installer v0.3] which will install the [[Homebrew Channel]] 1.0.3, [[DVDX]], and [[BootMii]] beta 3 on any version of the Wii System Menu.


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