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'''How do u inject ''Legal'' roms into elf/dol files?'''<br />
'''Is it possible to make an isoloader to load my games from my external hard disk?'''<br />
No, it is not, and because it will be abused for piracy, we won't make one. It would be to slow anyway, since the usb ports are 1.5 MB/s and the wii dvd drive is 8 MB/s
'''How do u inject ''Legal'' roms into elf/dol files?'''<br />
It is possible, but not that simple.
To my knowledge, Nobody has succeeded doing this on the wii.
If you are not afraid to get your hands dirty with some code, You could try by recompiling the source while including these roms, Or leaving a marker on where to add them with an hex-editor.
It is probably best for you to wait till a new release of the emulator is made, or to buy an SD-gecko (or similar).
Do not bother us with this question, go ask the person who made the emulator instead.
'''How can [[WiiLi]] be so far already?'''<br />


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