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Added list of GC/VC/WW games own =)
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My name is Josh. Im fairly new to wii homebrew/hacking, but i am not a noob(ok, i am when it comes to codeing). I here to help answer questions and contribute knowledge i already have, also to expand my knowledge. i currently do not code, but i am instrested and going to start learning shortly.
Wii Games This User Owns:
*Animal crossing, City Folk
*Balloon Pop
*Carnival Games:mini golf
*Dee Sports
*Super Paper Mario
*Super Smash Bros. Brawl
*Zelda Twilight PrincessThe Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy
*Wii Balloon Pop
*Wii Music
*Wii Sports
*Wii Sports Resort
*Zelda Twilight Princess
Gamecube games this user owns
*Animal Crossing
*Harvest Moon A wonderful life
*Mario Party 5
*Need For Speed Underground 2
*Sims 2 Pets
*Sims Bustin' Out
*Super Mario Sunsine
*Super Smash Bros Melee (X2)
*Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3
*True Crime New York City
(I know, i don't own very many GC games)
:Will add list of wiiware/vc VC and Wiiware games, also list of gc games.this user owns*N64-1080 Snowboarding*N64-Cruis'n USA*N64-Kirby 64*N64-Paper Mario*N64-Pokemon Puzzle League*N64-Pokemon Snap*N64-Super Mario 64*N64-Yoshi's Story*Block Breaker Deluxe*Cocoto Fishing Master*Defend Your Castle*LostWinds*Midnight Bowling*My Aquarium*My Pokemon Ranch*NyxQuest Kindred Spirits*Rock N Roll Climber*Strong Bad Episode 1*Strong Bad Episode 2*Tales Of Monkey Island Episode 1*Tetris Party*World Of Goo


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