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Added list of wii games i own
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Wii Games This User Owns:
*Animal crossing, City Folk
*Carnival Games:mini golf
*Dee Sports
*Dream Pinball
*Exitebots Trick Racing
*Lego Batman
*Lego Star Wars, The Complete Saga
*Line Rider 2
*Mario Kart Wii
*Mario Party 8
*Mario Power Tennis (Wii Version)
*Need For Speed Pro Street
*Pikmin (Wii Version)
*Pool Hall Pro
*Punch Out
*RooGoo: Twisted Towers
*Sonic And the Black Knight
*Sonic Riders Zero Gravity
*Super Mario Galaxy
*Super Paper Mario
*Super Smash Bros. Brawl
*Zelda Twilight Princess
*Wii Music
*Wii Play
*Wii Sports
*Wii Sports Resort
*A good Amount of wiiware and n64 vc games too


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