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Warning, note, note, warning = WTF? Various, minor edits made.
Thanks to svpe for the ES_DIVerfiy patch.
== Preloader 0.29 WARNING! WARNINGS ==On April 1st, Preloader 0.29 bricks your Wii only for April 1st. If you keep pressing A, you can get past it.So don't freak out and try to repair it.
== Note ==Preloader 0THIS TOOL CHANGES THE WAY THE WII WORKS IN A WAY IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO, SO THERE IS A RISK OF BRICKING YOUR CONSOLE.29 will be the last version - there won't be any new versions. Preloader does not support System Menu patches from SDHC cardsALL MEASURES WERE TAKEN TO HELP ASSURE THAT NOTHING WILL BRICK.
== IMPORTANT NOTE ==THIS IS STILL NO GUARANTEE!! THE AUTHOR CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE IT MIGHT CAUSE!When the installer finds IOS60 it will patch the ES_DIVerfiy function,so preloader can load the system menu with IOS60.YOU ARE INSTALLING THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK!
* Preloader 0.29 will be the last version - there won't be any new versions. Preloader does not support [[System Menu]] patches from SDHC cards.
* When the installer finds IOS60 it will patch in the ES_DIVerfiy function, so Preloader can load the System Menu with IOS60.
== WARNING ==SINCE THIS TOOL CHANGES THE WAY THE WII WORKS IN A WAY IT WAS NEVER INTENDED TO,THERE IS A RISK OF BRICKING YOUR CONSOLE.  I'VE DONE EVERYTHING I CAN TO ASSURE THAT NOTHING WILL BRICK.BUT THIS IS STILL NO GUARANTEE!!THE AUTHOR CAN NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY DAMAGE IT MIGHT CAUSE!YOU ACCEPT THAT YOU INSTALL THIS ON YOUR OWN RISK! == What is preloader Preloader and what the hell does it do ? ==preloader Preloader is a small application which places itself before the system menuSystem MenuIt's Its main feature is to directly boot the Homebrew Channel or a file you can installfrom a FAT device. preloader Preloader is also able to apply memory patches the system menu to remove limitations
or other things.
Since preloader Preloader places itself before the system menu System Menu any problems that would causethe system menu System Menu to fail are not causing your whole wii Wii to stop working.
If autoboot is enabled and you want to access preloaderPreloader's menu simply hold RESETwhile powering the wii Wii on.
== Hacks ==
included with preloader into the root of your SD card.
Then,boot into preloaderPreloader's settings, and chose to enable or disable the patches
in the Hack Settings menu.
== Uninstall ==
The simplest and safest way to remove preloader Preloader is to reinstall the System Menu using AnyRegion Changer or a WAD installer. You can also use restoremii with the bootmii Bootmii app to reinstall your backup of your system menu, if you had bootmii Bootmii installed beforepreloader Preloader was installed.
== Greetings ==
there are way to many people to greet and before I forget
some I just don't list any :P
 *devkitPro*Team Twiizers #*todXXX the sanctuary!#*playground#*wiidev (both of them!)#*dsidev
== Changelog ==
-added a feature to load the system menu with any IOS version you want.
-The installer includes an IOS patcher which when found patches IOS60 so preloader Preloader can fully work with system menu [[System Menu 4.0]]
-Moved some text around for better visibility on 16:9 screens
-fixed a bug which let the disc endlessly spin when wc24 was enabled and the wii Wii got turned off -fixed a bug which broke system menu System Menu loading when the system got formatedformatted
-rewrote the hacks parser, it's more solid now and detects syntax errors much better
-added a new font
-optimized the menu layout
-you can now add unlimited offsets/value in one hack entry
-added beta version related code
-added a setting which allows to always turn you Wii off even when standby is enabled
-fixed that when shutting down from the System Menu, the Wii always got powered down instead of using the set shutdownmodeshutdown mode.
-fixed a bug which prevented updating to a non beta version during beta testing
-fixed a bug in the System Menu hacks scrolling code
-added a setting to stop the disc when autoboot is disabled
-added a setting to return to preloader Preloader when Wii titles are using the switch off state
-added a setting to show beta updates
-added a setting to disable lighting the drive slot on an error
-added one message to make the online update not look frozen
-errors when parsing the hacks.ini now show the line
-preloader Preloader now regards the shutdownmode shutdown mode (OFF/Standby)
-fixed that under certain circumstances hacks from another version were applied
-fixed a settings related bug
-added elf-loading (able to load white-linux!)
-added an option to load preloader Preloader or the System Menu when the return-to state is used.
-made the hacks list scrollable, allowing an unlimited amount of hacks
-rewrote the installer
-fixed System Menu loading for all System Menu versions
-fixed the stuck-systemmenuhack-option bug
-fixed the bug that when a nunchuk Nunchuk was connected the System Menu wouldn't load
-fixed a bug which caused the Wii to freeze when power was pressed
-fixed a bug where only the first Wiimote was powered down when the Wii got turned off


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