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IOS53 and IOS55 come on lots of games nowadays. Added some love for Korea and various bits.
The "IOS number" is best thought of as a "Major" version number for the firmware, and probably corresponds to a specific version of Nintendo's (proprietary) SDK -- for example, the version of the SDK used to compile Zelda: Twilight Princess probably was tailored to run on IOS9.
In general, IOSx0 is used for the system menu (IOS20, IOS30, IOS40, IOS50, IOS60). IOSx1 seems to be used for Nintendo channels (e.g. IOS31, IOS51, IOS61).
Each IOS has a 16-bit "version number" in its TMD; this version number is seen in decimal form in the filenames of IOS WADs on update partition (e.g. "IOS9-64-v516.wad" for version 516 (decimal)). Converted to hex, that 516 becomes 0x0204, and can be read as "2.4" -- IOS9, version 2.4.
As a rule, an existing IOS will never have new features added to it, to protect binary compatibility. This means that any updates for existing IOSes are only meant to fix bugs -- generally, security bugs.
| 255.0
| v65280
| Non-functional "stub"?
| Unavailable
| Mothballed
| 2.4, 2.6, 2.8, 2.9
| v516, v518, v520, v521
| Has only one LED pattern: blinking. First "normal" IOS version. Used by Launch Wii Menu. Used by [[System Menu 1.0]].
| v520, v521
| Active
| 1.1, 2.0
| v257, v512
| Initially used for [[Wii Backup Disc]]. The version on the [[Wii Backup Disc ]] was infamously used by pirates, until [[System Menu 4.0]] mothballed this IOS as of v512. The mothballed stub version of IOS16 was retracted from the Korean SOAP server not long after its posting for unknown reasons. As of the [[System Menu 4.1]] update for Korea, it is back.
| v512
| Mothballed
| 22.29
| v5661, v5888
| Included with and used by Korean [[System Menu 3.5]]for Korean Wiis.
| v5661, v5888
| Mothballed
| 16.17, 20.29
| v4113, v5149
| Comes with Need for Speed Undercover.
| v4113, v5149
| Active
| 18.25, 20.29
| v4633, v5149
| Comes with Need for Speed Undercover. Seems to have changes in the DI Module.
| v4633, v5149
| Active


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