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| title = Wii Double Down
| image = [[ImageFile:Wiidoubledown.png‎]]
| type = card game
| author = [[User:mdbrim|mdbrim]]
Source code will be available soon with full comments.
==Controls v1.2==
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==Game Types=====Standard Blackjack===
Classic Blackjack (more versions to come).
==Change Log=====v1.2===
* Added Nunchuk and Classic Controller support
* Added SPLIT Option
* Changed interface of BET buttons
* Added Random Table Color Option
* Added Custom Table Color Option
* Added Dpad Navigation support for menu
* Added Dpad Navigation support for game
* Code housekeeping
* Initial Release
==To Do List=====Planned===
* Improve graphics
* Add Multi-deck option (shoe)
* Multiplayer
* Add Split feature
* Rumble Options
==Release Notes=====v1.2===
'''Known Problems'''
* None (yet)
'''Known Problems'''
* Still need to add full Dpad support to Table Options Menu. (still need ir pointer for that menu only)
* Screen resolution problem in v1.0 may just be MY tv... needs further testing.
'''Known Problems'''
* Screen resolution on 4:3 displays (not terrible but not correct)
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