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Devkitppc setup (Windows)

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devkitPPC is the toolchain provided by [[DevkitPro]] for Wii and Gamecube development. This guide describes setting up such a system under Windows. A guide for Mac OS X 10.5.x users can be found [[Getting started with DevkitPPC on Mac OS X|here]] and a guide for Linux [[Getting started with DevkitPPC on Linux|here]]
== Introduction ==
* Under no circumstances should you place projects within the devkitPro folder. The windows updater can and will overwrite/delete your files.
* Create a new folder outside the devkitPro folder, c:\projects\wii for example. This path should not contain spaces.
* Copy the folder C:\devkitPro\examples\wii\template\ to this new directory and rename it to "helloworld" so that the full path is c:\projects\wii\helloworld\
== Compile the Hello World Example ==
libogc provides a jump back to the loader through the standard libc exit function. exit(0) will immediately return, all other values will display a console screen with the exit code.
* [ devkitPro's 'Getting Started' Wiki]
* [[Devkitppc_setup_Devkitppc setup (Mac OS X)|Getting started with DevkitPPC on Mac OS X]]* [[Devkitppc_setup_Devkitppc setup (Linux)|Getting started with DevkitPPC on Linux]]

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