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{{Infobox homebrew| title = Betwiin is a | type = system tool that will let you convert | author = [[User:Bushing|Bushing]]| version = v1.0| download =}}{{Modifies NAND dumps from one Wii to run on another.}}
[[File:'''Betwiin-1''' is a tool that will let you convert NAND dumps from one Wii to run on]]
Directions for use:==Overview==
Copy input dump file to input/flash.bin. Copy input keys to input/.Copy output keys to output/. Run This here is, wait several minutes. Take output file from output/a NAND flashconversion tool for Wii NAND images.bin It can re-encrypt and use as appropriatere-HMAC the per-console unique parts of a NAND dump from one Wii such that it will run on a second one.
{{stub}}==Prerequisites== You must have a Python interpreter and OpenSSL installed to run betwiin. You must also have numpy and pycryto installed<br />You must also have a computer. ==Usage== *Copy input dump file to input/flash.bin.*Copy input keys to input/.*Copy output keys to output/.*Run, wait several minutes. *Take output file from output/flash.bin and use as appropriate. ==Caveats== *The version of boot1 you flash to a NAND chip must match the original one that shipped with that Wii. No exceptions.*The version of boot2 must be equal to or greater than the one most recently installed on that Wii.*No handling of bad blocks is performed; if your target NAND chip has a bad block that hits an important file required for system startup, I suggest you find a different donor dump to start from.* Converting an image from one keyset to another does not guarantee everything will work. The serial number will be cloned, but that should not affect anything. The Wii Shop account will not transfer over, nor will the original account used on the broken Wii work. Most savegames should still work. Purchased channels will not work on the new Wii, nor will you be able to redownload them. You should be able to create a new Wii Shop account, all disc-based games should work, you can update the system online, etc.


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