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= Welcome To My Bio Page =
Hi!<br />I'm really not that much of a programmer. However, I do offer a couple services to the WiiBrew Community that may be useful. <br />Note: All services on this page are absolutely free!
==Cleanup and Setup Services==I will happily clean up your existing or help setup your new homebrew application's page. I can:
*Correct Grammer and Spelling (US English Only)
*Update Your Info Box
*Test Links and Delete them if Necessary
==Project Hosting==
<s> I run a small Apache-based http and ftp home web server and would be glad to host your project for free. However, since its a home server, I can't guarantee 100% uptime. You should be OK with uptime. However, if you really need 100% uptime, you can try to find another host and post that as a secondary mirror.<br> Also, should you choose to host your project through my server, I will keep your project's download in a compressed .zip file and also keep it in a compressed .dol file (thanks to [[ELF to DOL Converter]] and [[Dollz]]). </s> <br> '''Due to rising maintenance and energy costs, I no longer offer project hosting, as now I can only guarantee 40% uptime. I might do something like this again in the future if I can get some real web hosting. This is isn't much of a loss anyway, because no one signed up for my hosting :l <p></p>''I still offer cleanup services though!'' ''' <br> [[User:Abyrne55|Abyrne55]] 15:12, 28 August 2009 (UTC)
To get any of the above services, it recommended that you contact me via TwitterE-Mail. You will get the fastest response from that method.<br> ''Please Mark The Subject "WiiBrew" (w/o the quotes)! This ensures that you make it through my spam filter and also ensures you get the fastest response.'' <br />[httpE-Mail:// My Twitter Page]
If ==Why?==I'm sure you don're asking "Why would this guy offer all these services for free?". I'm doing this because I wanted to do something in return for all the great work the coders and programmers did in order to bring homebrew to the Wii. And since I really can't have code a twitter accounthomebrew app for the Wii (the only code I know is Java, you can get an almost which, as far as fast response via E-Mail. <br />Contact me at abyrne561 [at] gmail [dot] com (Sorry, I hate spam!)<p />Finallyknow, if for whatever reason you candoesn't contact me through the two methods above: You can try to contact me through run on Wii) and I had tons of extra space on my talk pageserver (and free time), I just did this==My UserBoxes== {{Userbox lang|en}}{{Userbox dev|Lin}}{{Userbox system menu|4.1}}{{Userbox homebrew channel|1No catch.0No mischief.3}}{{Userbox dvdx}}{{Userbox bootmii}}{{Userbox homebrew browser}}{{Userbox mplayer ce}}{{Userbox wiimote|2}}{{Userbox balance board|1}}{{Userbox WiiSpeak}}{{Userbox wifi}}{{Userbox sdcard|512MB}}{{Userbox DS Lite|1}}{{Userbox nunchuk|2}}

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