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In addition to my extensive Wii knowledge (LOL WUT), I'm quite knowledgeable with regards to messing with the iPhone OS. (Definitely not as much as bushing, marcan, or anyone else on the dev team though.) I will do my best to help you, but I will just point and laugh if you deleted your System Menu's IOS without BootMii. Because that is just too stupid and funny.
==Story of my (Wii's) Life==Once upon a time, in [ an imaginary land far far away], I had a near-launch Wii. After Before BootMii was released, I made some stupid moves (but not it wasn't "I'm going to on 4.0. I'm gonna delete the System Menu IOSIOS60 because I have IOS61." -stupid), I and thought I bricked it. (I now think believe I could have recovered.) I sent it to United Radio (Nintendo's authorized NY repair facility), convinced I couldn't do anything to repair it. My replacement came with [[System Menu 3.3]] (sans Wii Shop Channel update) and the f01e boot1. I was shocked, extremely happy, and extremely sad, for I could easily hack for homebrew. However, it also meant I am unable to install the beloved BootMii for brick protection.
And they all lived happily ever after.


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