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|reldatejap = March 25, 2009
|reldateeur = March 25, 2009
|reldatekor = March 25, 2009
|sysmenuios = 60
|addedios = [[IOS60]]<br/>[[IOS61]]|changedios = [[IOS16]]<br/>[[IOS38]]
|olderver = 3.5
|newerver = 4.1
=== Korea ===
* [ Korean Wiimpersonator Log (IOS)]
* [ Korean Wiimpersonator Log (System Menu/Wii ShopChannel)]
*The System Menu was not updated in Korea; only the IOSes and Wii Shop Channel were.
*As of March 27, 2009, IOS16 has beren been retracted from the Korean content distribution network.
== Message from Nintendo ==
"Wii Options" → "Console Setup 2" → "Internet"
■■■Important■■■■■■■<br/>Since there is a risk of it damaging your console, counter-measures against save data that has been modified by means other than the usual methods (such as false save data) are instated.<br/>Be warned that, after installation of the update, files that contain abnormal information will be automatically deleted.<br/>Also, we cannot guarantee the proper functioning of unauthorized software or accessories after updating your system.<br/>If you have been using your console in a proper manner, you will not be affected.<br/>
(※)If you have updated your system after march March 26th, there is no need for you to update again.


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