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{{Infobox homebrew
| title = WiiMoveIt
| image = N/A <!-- [[Image:name of screenshot.png|200px]] -->
| author = TPAINROXX/BKW
| version = Alpha
| discussion = User_talk:TPAINROXX/WiiMoveIt
| source = User talk:TPAINROXX/WiiMoveIt#Source Code
| peripherals = <!-- {{Wii}} {{FrontSD}} {{SensorBar}} {{Wiimote1}} {{Wiimote2}} {{Wiimote}} {{WiimoteHorizontal}} {{WiiWheel}} -->
<!-- A lot of space needed to display correctly. The collapsible isn't permanent, but I thought it was cool, soo...-->
{{Wii}}Just about everything is being made by myself, so it's gonna be a while before a release. I will, however, release a demo for feedback. '''If you want to help, then drop me a line on my [[User talk:TPAINROXX/WiiMoveIt|discussion page]].'''
{{Wii}}I need someone to make some original music, but this is at the bottom of priorities.


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