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{{Userbox system menu|4.0}}
{{Userbox homebrew channel|1.0.3}}
{{Userbox DVDx}}
{{Userbox bootmii}}
{{Userbox Trucha|28}}
{{Userbox wiimote|3}}
{{Userbox gamecube controller|5}}
{{Userbox balance board|1}}
{{Userbox wifi}}
{{Userbox sdcard|2 GB}}
{{Userbox usbkeyboard}}
Once upon a time, I had a near-launch Wii. After some stupid moves (but not "I'm going to delete the System Menu IOS" stupid), I thought I bricked it. (I now think I could have recovered.) I sent it to United Radio (Nintendo's authorized NY repair facility), convinced I couldn't do anything to repair it. My replacement cannot came with System Menu 3.3 and the f01e boot1. I was sad I couldn't get BootMii as boot2. The endAnd they all lived happily ever after.


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