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| text = '''To be updated after ''Note: WiiMoveIt is on hold because of my lack of programming skills, but I'll start on another (simpler) game release..This might be later incorporated into WiiMoveIt.'' '''
= WiiMoveIt =
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| title = WiiMoveIt
| image = N/A <!-- [[Image:name of screenshot.png|200px]] -->| type = Other Game
| author = TPAINROXX/BKW
| version = Alpha
| discussion = User_talk:TPAINROXX/WiiMoveIt
| source = User talk:TPAINROXX/WiiMoveIt#Source Code
| peripherals = <!-- {{Wii}} {{FrontSD}} {{SensorBar}} {{Wiimote1}} {{Wiimote2}} {{Wiimote}} {{WiimoteHorizontal}} {{WiiWheel}} --> | hbb = no <!-- Later, as in a while from now -->
{{Wii}}Some inspiration from WarioWare: Smooth Moves. It will be somewhat based on that game in that there will be many mini games and possibly bosses (probably a few at first) to play in a short time. The games will be very random, and some will be simple and others complex. Eventually I'll allow people to submit their mini games and include it in the main project, but this could be a few months from now (or weeks). I'm having to get use to the Wii and functions and such.
{{Wii}}Also I have another side project, since WiiMoveIt doesn't always work, called GRiiD. It's very simple and will be a boss game to incorporate into WiiMoveIt eventually. I might release it before WiiMoveIt separately for the heck of it. It's a very simple grid based game that will read the layout from a text file. This is also a test for me to see if I can get some homebrew working...
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| '''Oldest Images (Originals)'''
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 {{Wii}}Just about everything is being made by myself, so it's gonna be a while before a release. I will, however, release a demo for feedback after I get five (5) games working. Currently there is no sound, multiplayer, or a few other things. '''If you want to help, then drop me a line on my [[User talk:TPAINROXX/WiiMoveIt|discussion page]].'''
{{Wii}}Once I get this game on its way I will let people make games, music, videos, etc. for it. First, I would like to get it mostly done before I get too much hype for it. Also realize that I'm still a novice coder, so it won't be a studio quality game. After releasing a few versions it should be a pretty cool game, though.
{{Wii}}I need someone to make some original music, but this is at the bottom of priorities.

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