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The following languages are recognized by this template. If your language is not listed here, please leave a message on the [[Template talk:Userbox code|talk page]] or [{{fullurl:{{FULLPAGENAME}}|action=edit}} add it yourself]. The languages listed here are only for convenience; you may specify another language (eg: C/C++) without needing it added to the template.
* '''asmAsm''': Assembly* '''aspASP''': Active Server Pages* '''basBas''': BASIC* '''batBat''': Batch* '''bfBf''': Brainfuck* '''cC#''': C Sharp* '''euEu''': Euphoria* '''objcObjC''': Objective-C* '''pyPy''': Python* '''lslLSL''': Linden Scripting Language* '''jsJS''': JavaScript* '''lolLOL''': LOLCODE* '''pasPas''': Pascal* '''phpPHP''': PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor* '''shSh''': Bourne shell* '''vb''': Visual Basic* '''vb.netVB''': Visual Basic .NET* '''vbxVBx''': Visual Basic .NET* '''vbsVBS''': Visual Basic Script


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