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{{TOChorizontal|Applications|Games|Emulators|Loaders|System modificationstools|PC utilities}}
=Applications====Video and audio==={{:List of homebrew applications}}
{| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! widthGames ="20%" | Author|-| [[GeeXboX]]| Linux-based port of GeeXboX, which uses MPlayer for playback.| The GeeXboX Team|-| [[MPlayer CE]]| Native MPlayer port, a fork of the Team Twiizers MPlayer port, combining elements of MPlayerWii and GeeXboX.| Scip, rodries, etc.|-| [[MPlayer TT]]| Native MPlayer port to demonstrate DVD functionality.| Team Twiizers|-| [[MPlayerWii]]| Native MPlayer port.| rOn|-| [[Wii MFE Port]]| Linux-based port of MPlayer.| nuvalo |} ===Audio only=== {| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! width="20%" | Author|-| [[DragonMedia Player]]| Music player with a skinnable interface. It supports a lot of sound formats.| DragonMinded|-| [[HiivelyPlay]]| HVL/AHX tracker player.| Xeron/IRIS|-| [[MiniMP3 Player]]| MP3 Player with a basic interface.| nIxx|-| [[WiiMPC]]| [ MPD] client| Sshock|-| [[WiiRadio]]| ShoutCast client| scanff|} ==Utilities== {TOChorizontal| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! width="20%" Arcade| Author|-| [[Alarmii]]| Alarm clock for Wii| Blitter|-| [[Balance Board Tools]]| Balance tools for your enjoyment| [[User:elisherer|elisherer]]|-| [[BootMii Configuration Editor]]| BootMii.ini Editor | [[User:pembo|pembo]]|-| [[CheatManager]]| Generate a custom GCT file for use with Gecko OS| [[User:Spritez|Spritez]]|-| [[Code Downloader]]| Download txt code files from WiiRD Database| [[User:linus|linus]]|-| [[FTPii|ftpii]]| FTP server| joedj|-| '''[[Homebrew Browser]]'''| Install the latest homebrew games and applications all through your Wii| teknecal|-| [[Leveltool]]| A spirit-level using your wiimote| Alanceil|-| [[Metronome]]| A Metronome for your Wii| Westy92|-| [[Playstats]]| Wii playtime history statistics| [[User:Chris|chris]]|-| [[Gecko OS#OcarinaCard|Ocarina]]| Cheat code Game engine for the Wii| Link|-| [[SD Explorer]]| SD card file manager| miom|-| [[TopEdit]]| Text File Editor| [[User:georgp24|georgp24]]|-| [[txt-read]]| Allows you to view text files| [[User:Muzer|Muzer]]|-| [[txtEd]]| Simple Text Mode File Editor| [[User:linus|linus]]|-| [[txtEd Mod]]| Simple Text Mode File EditorMusic| [[User:FreigeistPlatform|Freigeist]]Puzzle|-Racing| [[WiibServerRole playing|WiiBServer]]Shooter| Tiny unfinished HTTP/1.0 web serverSimulation| Jay|-| [[Wiicm]]| Cheat Code Manager| [[User:linus|linus]]|-| [[WiiEarth]]| Google maps like app| PaulWagener |-| [[Wiihttpd]]| Simple multi-threaded HTTP Webserver for the Wii| teknecal|-| [[WiiPaint]]| Draw on Wii using a custom GRRLIB 2.0| Kontakatilu|-| [[WiiStrobe]]| Turn your TV into a strobe light!| [[User:Pinecone|Pinecone]]|-| [[Wii Web Server]]| Serves web-pages| Cboomf + Felix123 + Others|-| [[WiiWhiteboard]]| Interactive Whiteboard| BgTrivia|Other==Operating systems== {| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! width="20%" | Author|-| [[Wii Linux]]| Wii-Linux debian based distro| GC-Linux |-| [[WiiShell]]| UNIX-like shell| Aksommerville |} ==Math== {| class="apptable"|-! width="25%" | Title! Description! width="20%" | Author|-| [[Automatii]]| cellular automata (life)| gcb|-| [[Mandelbrot|Mandelbrot]]| Mandelbrot fractal generator| Krupkat|-| [[WiiCalc]]| Full Featured Calculator| [[User:PaceMaker|PaceMaker]]|-| [[WiiLife]]| Also cellular automata| drei000|-| [[WPCP|WPCP]]| Wii Pi Calculation Project| MadCatMk2|=Games=
{{:List of homebrew games}}
{{:List of homebrew emulators}}
{{:List of homebrew loaders}}
=System modificationstools ={{:List of system modificationstools}}
=PC utilities=
{{:List of PC utilities}}

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