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{{Wii}}Also I have another side project, since WiiMoveIt doesn't always work, called GRiiD. It's very simple and will be a boss game to incorporate into WiiMoveIt eventually. I might release it before WiiMoveIt seperately for the heck of it. It's a very simple grid based game that will read the layout from a text file. This is also a test for me to see if I can get some homebrew working... And then there's the idea of a simple emu loader...
{{Wii}}If you have any suggestions, then place them in the WiiMoveIt suggestions spot on my '''[ /WiiMoveIt discussion page]'''.
{{Wii}}Just about everything is being made by myself, so it's gonna be a while before a release. I will, however, release a demo for feedback after I get five (5) games working. Currently there is no sound, multiplayer, or a few other things. '''If you want to help, then drop me a line on my [ /WiiMoveIt discussion page].'''
{{Wii}}Once I get this game on its way I will let people make games, music, videos, etc. for it. First, I would like to get it mostly done before I get too much hype for it. Also realize that I'm still a novice coder, so it won't be a studio quality game. After releasing a few versions it should be a pretty cool game, though.
{{Wii}}Also you can track some problems and look at '''[ source code]''' (for the heck of it):
{{Wii}}'''If you want to help, then drop me a line on my [ /WiiMoveIt discussion page].''' If you want to help the following things I need help with:


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