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→‎Releases: Added Archii
*Made by T7g
*[ Download/Discussion]
*Arch Linux PPC for the Wii
*Designed for use with the new MIKE p1 kernel but can be made to work with Boot it or any other kernel release.
*Made By TheStorm/JonimusPrime and zc00gii
*Is designed for more advanced users to create from scratch but minimal and X11 file-system tars are available
**The X11 tar has XORG installed along with the OpenBox3 WM and Cwiid for Wiimote input
**It also includes the Opera Browser, X-Chat IRC client and Pidgin IM client
**The Minimal image is jsut enough to get you booted and the end user can install any packages they wish using pacman
*[ ArchWiki-WiiTutorial]
*File-system tars can be found [ here]


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