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I would also like the color of some characters changed, but I can do that myself. I will just send you the sprites, if that's okay with you. Oh, and pbsds, I know it is called Super '''Mario''' War, but there are characters other than Mario characters. I would love to make the sprites myself, but I'm not good at pixel art (or whatever it is called), but I can change the colors fine, and I don't know how to edit the music stuff.
== Pictures ==
Tantric, I've started making up some [[User:IanWatson#Good Graphics|images]] for emulators based on the Classic Controller. I've designed them primarily as optional [[Homebrew Channel icons|icons]], but I'm making them fairly large so others can use them for whatever they like. I don't know; perhaps for an on-screen display for assigning buttons.
[[Image:WiiCC-NES.png|148px|thumb|right|FCE Ultra GX]]
Just giving you a heads-up. Currently I have one for [[FCE Ultra GX]] and a GameCube-themed one, with others in the pipeline. Hope you find it useful. --[[User:IanWatson|IanWatson]] 04:14, 1 July 2009 (UTC)


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