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Classic controller: GameCube
Initially I just used Photoshop to make a SNES controller from scratch. I decided I'd try for a different approach, which more accurately demonstrates the emulators uniting the Wii hardware with the emulated software. I've taken an image of the Classic Controller and I'm "re-theming" it to look representative of the original platform. Doing it in fairly high resolution rather than the standard 128x48 because I like the look of them, and so the emulator maintainers can feel free to do what they like with them.
At this time there's no GameCube "emulator," which would allow the use of the Classic Controller, but I made an image for it anyhow. The "GameCube for the Wii" text can be altered should such a program be created.
<gallery widths="128px" heights="48px">
Image:Snescontroller.png|SNES controller icon I made for [[Snes9x GX]].
Image:WiiCC-NES.png|Wii Classic Controller as NES controller for [[FCE Ultra GX]].
Image:WiiCC-GameCube.png|Wii Classic Controller as GameCube controller.


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