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* Blocks installation of the Twilight Hack version 0.1beta2. To install homebrew, use [[Bannerbomb]] instead.
* This version of the System Menu uses [[IOS60]].
* Blocks '''new installations''' of anything that uses the "3.4 exploit"; so the [[Homebrew Channel]] and [[DVDx]] will not install. The HackMii Installer contains a workaround.
* The [[Photo Channel|Photo Channel 1.1]] and the [[Wii Shop Channel]] have been updated, use [[WiiSCU]] to update these and install truchasigned versions of [[IOS60]] and [[IOS61]].
* The [[Wii Speak Channel]] 2.0 is not compatible with the original. Update the Wii Speak Channel to version 2.0 by using the [[Wii Shop Channel]] (update it if required)


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