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Probably not actual news, but I figure it's important enough to be mentioned.
== News == <!-- Add news below --></noinclude>
* '''26 Jun 09''': With [ devkitPPC release 18 approching], don't miss out on filing your [ feature requests or bug reports]. Doing so now will save you from having to wait for r19.
* '''25 Jun 09''': To all [[MPlayer CE]] users who have problems with USB2, we need your help by doing a quick test to analyze driver behavior with your USB devices. Visit [ Google Code] for more information.
* '''20 Jun 09''': is running a coding competition with a Wii section. Over €2000 ($2,788.23 USD) are available in cash prizes. Visit [ SceneBeta] for more information.
* '''27 May 09''': The fine folks at [ Hackmii] have released [ the Hackmii Installer 0.2] which will install the [[Homebrew Channel]] 1.0.3, [[DVDX]], and [[BootMii]] beta 2 on any version of the Wii System Menu.


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