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== 4.0 Compatibility ==
Evidently, to To get this working on System Menu 4.0, you must install a trucha enabled IOS 36. This should be done before To do this legally, you update can use CMDVDX34 to System Menu 4downgrade IOS 35, and then use NUS Downloader to download IOS 36 v1024.0 Next, you can use WMIOS35 to install IOS 36 v1024. I am not sure of any simple and legal methods After all of doing this yet, so if someone could describe the process, it would be greatly appreciatedyou can successfully install Preloader.--[[User:MattMan|MattMan]] 0219:4221, 15 19 June 2009 (UTC)
== Full uninstallation for this ? ==


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