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== I am not oops-sama ==
The real oops:
<pre style="white-space: pre-wrap;">
[16:13] <@Sintia> Zamadatix, oops-sama ( was last seen quitting #wiidevot 3 hours 7 minutes ago
[15:14] <@Sintia> joshw, oops-sama ( was last seen being kicked from #wiidevot by Tantric ( just because) 2 hours 41 minutes ago (17.03. 09:33), after spending 2 hours 48 minutes there.
[12:39] <@Sintia> MetaFight, oops-sama ( was last seen being kicked from #wiidevot by SquidMan ( gtfo kthxbai) 16 hours 41 minutes ago (13.05. 16:57), after spending 22 minutes there.
And me:
MetaFight is ~yarghmate@ * Guy Ingognito
MetaFight on #wiidevot
MetaFight using Server Central Network
MetaFight actually using host
MetaFight has been idle 55secs, signed on Fri Jun 19 01:25:10
MetaFight End of /WHOIS list.
== Projects ==
My current semi-active projects are:
* [[Shiny Red Tank|Shiny Red Tank]], an old-school 2D platformer.
* [[HomeMenu|HomeMenu]], ''aims'' to be a graphics-library independent Home Menu.
and, in the near distant future, I plan on working on:
* [[User:MetaFight/KiiBoard|KiiBoard]], a context-free 2D keyboard interface for wiimote text input.
Thanks. -- [[User:MetaFight|MetaFight]]
<!--== Support / Donations ==
:'''Marge:''' Homer, I have to go out to pick up something for dinner.<br>
:'''Homer:''' Steak?<br>


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