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Help is always needed here on the wiki!
LAWWWLLLLLL=== First off ===# You should [ register]. It's not absolutely necessary to interact with the wiki, but it helps identifying you and with building your reputation in the community. Please use the same (or similar to the) nick you use in IRC.# Go through the [ Wikipedia Editing tutorial]. It's not that long, added up it's less than two pages. Go through the entire thing, make sure you are familiar.# Read this entire page twice. Thoroughly (Especially the [[Contributing#Rules|Rules]]).# Dive into the [[Contributing#To_Do|To Do]] below. If you want to practice you can use our [[Sandbox]] page# [[Contributing#Useful_links|Look below]] for some very useful Wiki documentation. (Such as [ this page] which searching will reveal how to do something, such as adding an article to a Category)
=== To Do ===


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