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{{Userbox DVDx}}
{{Userbox homebrew channel|1.0.3}}
{{Userbox bootmii|beta2}}
{{Userbox system menu|4.0}}
{{Userbox homebrew browser}}
{{Userbox lang|en}}
{{Userbox code|C}}
{{Userbox code|VB}}
{{Userbox dev|Win}}
{{Userbox developer}}
{{Userbox wiimote|2}}
{{Userbox nunchuk|2}}
{{Userbox classic controller|1}}
{{Userbox gamecube controller|1}}
{{Userbox balance board|1}}
{{Infobox homebrew
| image = [[Image:Lines WiiWebServer.png]]
| title = [[Wii Web Server]]
| type = utility
| author = Cboomf, Felix123| version = alpha 1.1020
| licence = GPL
| download =
{{Infobox homebrewappdevelopment tools
| image =
| title = [[User:Cboomf/libwiilight|libwiilight]]
| desc = A library for the disc slot light
| type = Librarylibrary
| author = Cboomf
| version = Beta 1| download = [[]]| peripherals = {{Wii}}
{{Infobox homebrewappI am a '''NERD''' ;-)<br />| title = [[Userhttp:Cboomf/LibHTTP|LibHTTP]/]| desc <div style= An off"clear: both; padding-shoot from wiiwebservertop: 24pt;">| type = Library=Me==</div>{{Userbox lang| license = GNU General Public License v3en}}{{Userbox dev| author Win}}{{Userbox developer}}{{Userbox beta}}  <div style= [[User"clear: both; padding-top:Cboomf24pt;">==Major Experience==</div>{{Userbox code|Cboomf]]C}}{{Userbox code|PAS}}{{Userbox code|VB}}{{Userbox code| version = 0VB.14net}}{{Userbox code| download = None yetVBS}}{{Userbox code|PHP}}{{Userbox code| source = Google Code[http://JS}}{{Userbox code|HTML}}{{Userbox]|MySQL}}{{Userbox code|BAS}} <div style="clear: both; padding-top: 24pt;">
I am a '''NERD''' ;-)==Minor Experience==</div>{{Userbox code|C++}}{{Userbox code|Java}}{{Userbox code|ASM}}{{Userbox code|Cobol}}
PC SPECS <div style="clear:both; padding-top: 24pt;">==Wii + Hardware==</div>{{Userbox sdcard|2gb}}{{Userbox wiimote|2}}{{Userbox wiizapper|1}}{{Userbox wiiwheel|1}}{{Userbox nunchuk|2}}{{Userbox classic controller|1}}{{Userbox gamecube controller|1}}{{Userbox balance board|1}}{{Userbox USBKeyboard|1}}{{Userbox wifi}}{{Userbox system menu|4.0}}{{Userbox Trucha}}{{Userbox motionplus|1}}
1: PIII 750MHz (over clocked to 800MHz), 64MB Dual Screen Graphics Card, 256MB Ram, 20GB Hard Drive, Win 98 + Ubuntu 7.10<br>2: Celeron 1.2GHz, 16MB Graphics Card, 512 MB Ram, 2x 15GB Hard Drives, Ubuntu 8.04<br>3: Celeron 1.2GHz, 16MB Graphics Card, 256 MB Ram, 20GB Hard Drive, Win 98<br>4: AMD Athlon 1.8GHz, 128MB Graphics Card, 512MB Ram, 80GB Hard Drive, Win XP<br>5: P1 233MHz, 8MB Graphics Card, 256MB Ram, 3GB Hard Drive, Win 95<br>6: LAPTOP : Celeron 1.7GHz, 230MB Graphics Card, 1GB Ram, 2x 20GB Hard Drives, Win XP + Ubuntu 8.04<br>7: LAPTOP : Pentium 2, 16MB Graphics Card, 256MB Ram, 1x 10GB Hard Drive, Win 98<br>8div style="clear: LAPTOP (Eee PC) both; padding-top: Celeron 900MHz, 2x 40GB Hard Drives, Win XP<br24pt;">
Keep in the randomness : [http:==Homebrew==<//cboomfdiv>{{Userbox DVDx}}{{Userbox homebrew channel| Random Entry Points]3}}{{Userbox bootmii|beta2}}{{Userbox homebrew browser}}{{Userbox mplayer ce}}{{Userbox bannerbomb}}


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