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; Q<nowiki>:</nowiki> Why doesn't my console turn off when I press the wiimote power button?
: A<nowiki>:</nowiki> Pressing the Nintendo Wii Remote power button only powers off the Nintendo Wii Remote, not the console.<br>To turn off your console, exit Kobo Deluxe and once in the System Menu press the power button on your Nintendo Wii Remote or on your console.
; Q<nowiki>:</nowiki> Can I change the wiimote/classic/nunchuck nunchuk bindings?
: A<nowiki>:</nowiki> Yes, but you'll need to figure that by yourself, and if you screw something up it's your fault :-P
: Hints<nowiki>:</nowiki> kobodl.img.bz2, <code>/usr/local/etc/cwiid/wminput/kobodl</code>

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