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=== About me ===
I'm a British PHP & MySQL developer that is starting to dabble with learning C/C++and Java.<br /> I've been coming to Wiibrew, and following the Wii homebrew scene for a little while now and once I'm confident with C/C++, I hope to write some homebrew applications =)<br />Other talents include the use of Adobe Photoshop& Flash. I have also used ASP, ASP.NET & VB.NET, but I feel at home with C style and MySQLECMAscript style languages.<br />I also have the feeling that I have too many userboxes...
=== Projects ===
* [[User:PhoenixTank/Phoenix SD Explorer|Phoenix SD Explorer]](Suspended indefinitely)
=== Guides ===
*[[User:PhoenixTank/Setting up Eclipse for Wii Development|Setting up Eclipse for Wii Development]] (First draft nearly completeNeeds to be updated for Eclipse Galileo and for any issues with devkitpro r18[[Category:Users with USB Gecko]]


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