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=== Custom Make Targets ===
On the right hand side of Eclipse you have a panel containing the script outline and make targets. This is useful for adding specific make commands to run and this is equivalent to the project tools in Programmer's Notepad. Build and Clean are already built in to the project menu, but custom make targets are useful. As an example, we are going to set up a run/wiiload shortcut. This assumes that you are still using the same makefile & template.c
*Bring the Make Target panel into focus if it is not already, then click the folder with a slash through it (Hide empty folders).
*Right click the project name and choose "Add Make Target".
*Enter Wiiload (or another name) into the first box, and "run" in the second box and hit create.
Provided you have wiiload set up correctly, double clicking this will allow you to easily send your most recently compiled .dol to your Wii.
== More Settings ==


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