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The majority of the guide is now complete.
*Head to Projects > Properties, or do the same from the right click menu of helloworld. Click ''C/C++ Build'' then choose the ''behaviour'' tab. Here, change the value of ''Build (Incremental Build)'' to ''build'', then hit OK.
*With default settings, Eclipse will immediately build your project. The error should no longer be there to pester you.
*If you have a warning like: Error launching external scanner info generator (gcc -E -P -v -dD C:/WiiDev/projects/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.make.core/specs.cpp) then the easiest way to fix this is to add C:\devkitPro\devkitPPC\powerpc-gekko\bin; to the start of your [[#pathPath|path]] environment variable.  === Custom Make Targets ===
== More Settings ==
*C/C++ ¬ Editor ¬ Content Assist. Drop the delay to 200 ms.
*C/C++ ¬ New CDT project wizard ¬ Makefile Project : Behaviour tab. Uncheck ''Build on resource save'', change value of 'Build (Incremental Build)'' to ''build''
== Debugging ==
The Eclipse CDT has a nice integrated debugging GUI (which is half of the reason for this tutorial), but unfortunately does not support remote C/C++ applications "out of the box". To get around this Eclipse needs to be extended, and we are lucky enough to have a plug-in available to us. []
=== Zylin Plug-in ===
From Eclipse, head to Help > Software Updates.
*On the Available Software tab click Add Site... , enter "" and Hit OK.
*Next, check the box in the list next to "" and hit Install... It will now go through the motions of downloading relevant files, and another box will pop up, letting you confirm the changes.
*Hit next, accept the terms, then finish. It will install, and ask you if you want to restart Eclipse, and I suggest you do.
=== Debug Method & Settings ===
==== USB Gecko ====
I cannot provide instructions for this section as I have no USB Gecko (yet), but the [[Debugging|instructions here]] should provide most of the relevant information.
==== Wifi Debugging Patch ====
AKA "The poor man's USB Gecko". This takes a little work to implement, but at a total cost of £0, who can complain?
You'll need to be familiar with checking out from a SVN, patching source files, and compiling from source (duh?).


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