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== Criteria ==
This is the minimum criteria that an application must meet to be considered to be added as a featured application. '''The application must:''' * be completely stable* contain no major bugs* be of particular use or value* be useable by the majority of homebrew users (ie: support for SDHC, PAL, etc.)* have a quality {{WiiBrew wiki page (description, usage, controls, screenshots, etc.)* have a quality graphical interface* be in one of the following categories: games, emulators, media players, utilities, or loaders* be HBC compatible and be packaged with icon.png and meta.xml files* not modify the Wii's flash memory (NAND) or otherwise cause permanent changes to the Wii '''Also note:''' * This is not a popularity contest - a new application might be a good candidate for this page, provided it meets the criteria above. Other applications, although popular, are '''not''' good candidates for this page (eg: Wii64)* If there are multiple versions of the same Featured homebrew (eg: MPlayer), the most stable and maintained version will be picked* The final decision about whether an application will be added is made by the WiiBrew administrators* An application can be re-evaluated for inclusion at a later date/Criteria}}
== Gallery ==


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