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'''How can [[WiiLi]] be so far already?'''<br />
They are not. Wiili doesn't have a distro, doesn't know how to run homebrew, and they basically just have a good-looking siteloaded with ads and donation requests. There is no a proof we can run anything of concept Linux mini-distro available from a DVD with no modchip or other hack, and in fact this may very well be completely impossible (or not, but no one knows). Most if not all of the work is being done by people on #wiidev at EFNet or Blitzed. Nothing has come out of Wiili pertaining to the actual Wii hardware. [http://www.brakkengc-linux.netorg/], though WiiLi played no part in the development.php?mid=42e180dc22cb2e5f7bb66ce29 Here is a very enlightening article on Thus far, WiiLi]has contributed nothing towards the Wii homebrew scene and it's main interest appears to be generating revenue from advertisements and donations.
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