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Component cable doesn't have 3 red connectors or 3 of each connector. And we certainly can count to 3.
* s-video, a 4-pin DIN connector for video (plus 2 audio connectors) NTSC models only! Capable of carrying 576i and 480i.
* RGB video, connects with a 21 pin SCART connector with both video and audio. PAL models only! Note that this is not the same as the composite cable + scart adapter included with PAL Wii units, this cable has to be bought separately and provides component quality video, albeit at only interlaced resolutions. Capable of carrying 576i and 480i. The feature to signal the aspect ratio via the SCART connector is not supported.
* component, with 3 red, blue and green RCA connectors for video (plus 2 audio connectors) Capable of carrying 576i, 480i, 480p, and other video modes not available on the Wii (specifically e.g. 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p).
For PAL Wiis (sold in Europe and Australia), the following video modes are available:


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