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This is a basic '''Channel FAQ''' for #wiidev on EFnet. If you ask a question that's answered here in the channel, do not expect a nice answer.
* General console chit-chat (unreleased games, etc)
Linking counts too. '''Go to [irc:// #wiihack ] for these things.'''
== General Wordings ==
Newcomers are welcome, but please spend some time (at least an hour; better a day or a week) watching the subjects of conversation before joining, unless you're positive you have something novel to contribute. The mods are very quick to tempban if something is merely loosely related to the forbidden topics. They are also have no qualms about permabanning, even for minor infractions.
In this room just saying the wrong number could get your IP blacklisted. There are many other places to talk on EFnet, namely [irc:// #wiihack]. If it isn't allowed, take it to [irc:// #wiihack]. Think before pressing enter.
=== On topic ===
'''Ooooo look I have a cool Wiimote/Glovepie script/tool/program'''<br />
Go to [irc:// #wiihack]. Yes, we know there are many nifty things you can do with the input it provides, but unless you can make it provide MORE input, do not mention it on #wiidev.
'''Is it hacked yet?''' / '''Does homebrew run yet?'''<br />
'''Can we run backups / pirate games yet?'''<br />
Get lost, or go to [irc:// #wiihack]. We do not deal with illegal copying of games.
'''Where can I get these NG-key things?'''<br />


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