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Unless I've missed something, the HBC does not log play records so there is no way to retrieve this info.
===I get nonsense stats!===
Yes, this is a known issue for some people. It won't be fixed it unless any affected people can send me dumps of their messageboard files or else go through the source and fix it themselves. See the [[Talk:Playstats|talk page]] for more info.
===I get jumbled up titles!===
Less prevalent than the issue above but the same answer applies.
===How can I send you my messageboard file===
I need a dump of (isfs:)/title/00000001/00000002/data/cdb.vff This is a 20MB file so preferably please upload it somewhere and send me a link to chris(swirly thing) but if this is a problem, zip it up and try emailing it to me. To extract this file I suggest using [[Fs_browser]] or [[FTPii]] although these apparently will not extract the file on system menu 4.0; I do not know if it is possible with another application.
===Why will it not show stats for channels loaded through Preloader or Bootmii?===
The system menu is bypassed here so the Wii does not log this information on the messageboard; consequently there is no way to get stats for this.


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