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| title = Chaos Wii
| desc image = Port of Chaos GBA[[File:ChaosIcon.png]]| type = Gamearcade game
| author = insin
| peripherals = {{WiimoteHorizontal}}
| source =
A port of the SDL version of [ Quirky's] GBA remake of [ Chaos], using [[SDL Wii]].
== Help! ==
Image and sound libraries are created using what I think is the same process as in the original project, but both images and sound are corrupted - can anyone shed any light on this? As a newbie to C, some of the goings-on in gfx.c are still a bit of a mystery to me.
== Building ==
=== Prerequisites ===
Compile and install the latest libogc and install it to the libogc folder (required by SDL Wii), e.g.:
cd \projects\wii
svn co devkitpro\libogc
cd devkitpro\libogc
make install
Copy all the [ SDL files] (dependencies and SDL port) to your DevkitPro/libogc folder (required to build chaos-wii).
Download [ gfx2gba] and put it somewhere on your <tt>PATH</tt> (required to build /img libraries).
Download [ SoX] and put it somewhere on your <tt>PATH</tt> (required to build /snd libraries).
=== Compiling ===
# Get the source using [ Mercurial]
# Run <tt>make</tt> in /img to create image libraries
# Run <tt>make</tt> in /snd to create sound library
# Run <tt>make</tt> in the project's root directory to compile the source and .elf/.dol it all up
cd \projects\wii
hg clone chaos-wii
cd chaos-wii\img
cd ..\snd
cd ..
== Development Log ==
* Code which was running fine yesterday is core dumping this morning. Wasted this morning's development time trying to fix it, but in the end pulling a fresh copy from bitbucket sorted it out.
* Gadzooks! It runs! Graphics and sound are horribly corrupted and there are no controls.
* Enabled SDL joystick input and replaced keyboard controls with Wiimote controls.
* Made source available via bitbucket
* Wrote makefile for snd library
* Wrote makefile for project
* Hacked until the compiler was happy - this mostly involved dropping <tt>#include &lt;gccore.h&gt;</tt> where it was complaining and prepending all SDL header includes with "SDL/" (which doesn't seem right to me). Now builds to a .dol, no idea if it runs yet.
* Wrote devkitPPC-compatible makefile for project
* Wrote devkitPPC makefile for snd library
* Wrote devkitPPC makefile for img libraries - not a happy introduction to makefiles, thanks to the existing one being written with automake.== Milestones == === 0.1 - Direct Port === {| class="wikitable" style="float:left; text-align: center"|-! Feature! Done|-| Emulate GBA controls with horizontal Wiimote || ☑|-| Remove window scaling code, always display in fullscreen || ☐|-| Fix graphics/sound corruption || ☐|}
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